Varya Virtual

At Varya Virtual, we’re focused on one mission:

Leveraging technology to provide an immersive, flexible and collaborative data research environments for STEM-based companies.

We launched our firm with the development of Iota, an innovative platform that is revolutionizing how research teams worldwide use technology to enable more robust, efficient and comprehensive capabilities around data collection, analysis and long-term curation.

Our founders experienced firsthand how regulated industries were lagging behind with technology. This compelled us to figure out how to address the gap and remove barriers to adoption of new technologies. We pooled our combined years of experience across multiple industries (i.e., pharma, research, IT, medical, commercial software development, government) to create an innovative platform that improves efficiencies, reduces costs, and enables collaboration.

Enabling Technologies Consortium

Varya Virtual was chosen by the Enabling Technologies Consortium (ETC) to develop next-generation capture technology. The ETC is a collection of like-minded development scientists working on next generation lab wearable and documentation solutions to align pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies and third-party vendors for future business needs.

Varya was selected to provide an integration platform that allows knowledge workers to easily leverage data captured through wearable devices (i.e. smart glasses) with existing company information. Varya’s platform allowed ETC member companies to view legacy internal data, externally generated data and NGC device-captured data seamlessly to improve efficiency, quality and value of the information.


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