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Collect, analyze and curate data in ways once unimaginable

Every day, in labs and research centers around the world, scientists and engineers are capturing and documenting data.

Yet, at times, they are limited with how they can work with the data because their technology hasn’t kept pace, and they struggle to take advantage of new technological advances.

Enter Varya Virtual.

Varya is a technology company that specializes in software synergy and integration for STEM-based companies. Led by Iota, our flagship software solution, we’re revolutionizing the way researchers interact with data. Iota gives researchers the ability to record thoughts, observations and results in an easy and collaborative way.

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Built on the Microsoft 365 framework, the Iota infrastructure offers a familiar interface for researchers, while also integrating tools that allow them to collect, analyze and curate data in a way not previously possible.

Researchers receive a fully immersive lab experience where they can focus on experiments, collaboration and innovation opportunities. Backed by Iota’s unique ability to capture and decipher diverse content, the possibilities are endless.


American Pharmaceutical Review

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